Chocolate Covered Wine Bottles


Enjoy a one of a kind chocolate covered wine bottle as featured on the food Network. Just remove the packaging and dig in. Peeling away some of the chocolate on the top will expose the shrink wrap as you go; discard shrink wrap, pour wine and enjoy the approximately half pound of high quality chocolate. If you need to chill-the wine of course, just pop in the fridge on the day you plan to indulge. This is for adults only….. If you dare!

Refer to bottle label for wine production information.

Featured on the food network these will blow you away.

How it is Prepared: A full bottle of wine is first shrink wrapped then chocolate is applied by hand so the label remains showing. Strip the chocolate off the bottle and enjoy approx 1/2 lb chocolate and of course enjoy the wine!

Chocolate covered wine bottles were listed as a top ten gift item in Wine Enthusiasts among other

publications. For adults 21 and over only If you dare…….

Dark Chocolate contains Chocolate liquor, sugar, cocoa, soya, lecithin,pure vanilla and vanillin

Milk Chocolate contains sugar Chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, soya lecithin and pure vanilla.

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