Inside the Vintage Sweet Shoppe

A little bit of romance is brought to every day at The Vintage Sweet Shoppe. As no other pairing can sum up the luxuries of life better than chocolate and wine brought together, this gem of a sweet shop caters to those with discerning palates. Aptly nestled in the expanding horizons of Napa Valley, the chocolatiers at The Vintage Sweet Shoppe have been making artisan chocolates and fine wine since 1978. The complex goes far from being modest, expanding to orchard gardens, fermenting rooms, and others chambers imaginable only to Wonka’s clever ingenuity. Through its doors, the mesmerizing magic of old world traditions comes alive, sweeping you away like spiraling staircases set upon marbled floors. Traverse the tasting rooms as you would a candy factory, and pick a gift or two from the wide selection of artisan creations including milk chocolate toffee bark, chili chocolate, and the house specialty of chocolate-covered wine bottles. The chocolate creations are endless, as the premium wine selections have no end. The Vintage Sweet Shop is where artful inspirations merge with esteemed flavors, sweet sensations and proven aphrodisiacs. Lounge in its cozy atmosphere and embrace the warmth and inviting energies brought by the best products in sunny California. Here, your taste buds are enlightened with a new kind of nirvana, shown only to those who take a daring adventure to try artisan goods. Truly, this little factory is heaven on earth, bringing together chocolate lovers, wine connoisseurs, and even fans of frozen yogurt and espresso.


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