Pairing Chocolate with Wine

Other people may think that wine and chocolate can’t be a good combination, but they are wrong. Actually, when you know what’s the best chocolate to pair with a certain kind of wine, it will surely be a splendid wine pairing experience for you. White chocolate and dark chocolate are good selections to start with your chocolate and wine pairing endeavor and here are some basic things to remember for beginners.

When pairing dark chocolate or white chocolate with wine, you should choose a wine that tastes sweeter because if you pair these two with the regular tasting wines, you will not enjoy its flavor and the taste might just end up to something bitter or sour and you won’t like that.

For more luxurious chocolates, you may choose a lighter bodied wine to complement its taste, while stronger chocolates should be paired with full-bodied wine for a perfect taste combination.

You will notice that for most formal wine tasting occasions, they normally start with delicate flavors to stronger ones. This also applies with chocolates, start with white for a milder taste and then slowly switch to dark chocolates to allow your palate to taste and enjoy every flavor detail.

So go out and explore different kinds of wine and chocolates and have a good time!

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