Kavita B. ( Ithaca, NY )

This was our first stop on our day out in Napa but, really, who can ever turn down a chocolate and wine pairing? Or even chocolate by itself? Either way, I’m so glad we found this gem and can’t wait to come back.Here are the highlights of our time here that made it impossible to give anything but five stars:

1) Honouring an expired Groupon: One of my friends had a chocolate-and-wine pairing (including truffles) that had expired; however, the host still honoured it. Majorly cool of him. Although he didn’t have the Groupon-promised strawberries, he compromised with extra pours of wine.

2) Unbelievable chocolate: I could not stop diving into the toffee-chocolate bark. Although the salted-chilli chocolate was a close second. There were chocolate pairings for both white and red wines, and made even the harshest, tannin-y reds go down smoothly.

3) Extra pours: Although the tasting is limited to three wines, we must have tasted at least five or six each, plus our host opened up a bottle that wasn’t even on the menu.

The wines here are sourced from several wineries in Napa and so can please any palate (good range of whites and reds, at least three of each for the tasting) and price point. Highlights for me were the Ca’Secco (a crisp Prosecco), the Rutherford ’09 Cab Sauv (and I normally avoid Cabs) and the BV port. Yummm.

All of this for $10? Who wouldn’t want to come back?

Kavita B. ( Ithaca, NY )
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